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As part of starting a guild, I’ve been our raid leader since day one. This was more due to necessity than me feeling I would make a good raid leader; in fact I had always intended to pass the responsibility off to someone else at the soonest opportunity. However, as time went on, I did not feel much of a leadership vibe from any of my raiders, and I was actually starting to enjoy the role myself. I believe I was able to shape the raid environment to have the distinct feeling that Ka Pai’s raids retain today; many of the resounding items of positive feedback I’ve had about the guild and its raids have been centered around the way the raids are run, and the constructive, focused environment they provide. As time has gone on, as raid leader I’ve started noticing some long-term patterns emerging, and these fascinate me. The first (and probably most obvious) is what I call The Wall (highly scientific term). Read the rest of this entry »